The world’s largest producer of refreshments

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    Social media, campaigns, websites, influencer marketing, events, app development

The Coca-Cola Company, we handle all digital activities

We are helping one of the world’s biggest brands to develop its online presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are responsible for the strategic management of all digital channels for the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Olimpija, Schweppes, FuzeTea, Cappy and AdeZ brands. For some of them we create and run websites. We manage Facebook and Instagram and handle influencer marketing from finding the right personalities to evaluating specific collaborations. We do NCP support, events and app development and support such as the Coca-Cola App and Fanta AR Game. We have run successful campaigns such as Coke & Meals, 100 years of Contour, Share a Kiss and Taste The Feeling.